Week 2 – Team Roles & Working With Jira

Team Roles - RUP Terminology

According to the RUP terminology, we decided to assign the roles as following:

  • Project Manager:
    Nicolas Wagner
  • Scrum Master:
    Fabian Braun
  • Software Architect:
    Fabian Braun
  • Implementer (Game Engine):
    Fabian Braun, Luca Rutschmann
  • Implementer (Surface/Overlay):
    Nicolas Wagner, Nico Ziener
  • Designer:
    will be assigned in the future when needed
  • Tester/Reviewer:
    Luca Rutschmann, Nico Ziener

[Change 18th Oct. 2019: Fabian Braun listed as "Scrum Master" instead of "Project Manager"]

Technology Choice

As descirbed in the first-week-blogy-entry, our team mainly wants to make use of Java and XML with Android Studio as IDE for this project.

Already, two Jira-issues exist which are connected with our choice of technology: DHTD-2 (Create structure of gameengine for Tower, Enemies and MatchField) & DHTD-5 (create structure of gameengine for the Map)

Working with Jira

Jira is our project-management-tool and can be found at: http://jira.dh-towerdefense.de

All tasks will be displayed in separated "sprints". Sprints contain a pool of tasks for a single week.

Using this system, sprints depict workflows. Phases cannot be displayed in Jira yet, but we are currently working on this problem.

Our whole issues list can be found at: http://jira.dh-towerdefense.de/projects/DHTD/issues

Tower Defense - Progress

Within the last week, our team specified the idea of the tower-defense app.

The app structure will look like that:
Opening the app, one will see a startscreen which functions as a home menu. There, one will be able to navigate to the settings or to the game.

Game Engine - Concept

The tower defense game needs to be split up into two main parts: Game Engine and Activities.

The Game Engine module controls the map and the objects on non-graphical basis. Every interaction between objects will be simulated there.

The other main module is the activity including the visualization. This module is responsible for the the visual layout on the screen, the visualization of objects and animations.

Those two modules need to interact through an interface, which receives the game data and passes the information on to the activity-module which visualizes the calculated data.

Map - Concept

The concept of a tower-defense map can be seen on the right.

The whole map will be divided into 299 (287) single fields.

With a button on the top left corner, a player can pause the game and navigate back to the startscreen or the the settings. On the top right corner, there is information about the player-lives, the amount of money and the current wave displayed. The rest of the screen is used as play-area.

Beginning on the left side, enemies will spawn and follow the drawn way in the direction of the right side. A player is able to locate towers (which need an unused space of 2x2 fields) on the whole map except the drawn enemy-way. For the beginning development, our team will work with this map-draft as the given map, but in the future, we probably implement an algorithm that allows a random map creation for more variety.

3 Gedanken zu „Week 2 – Team Roles & Working With Jira

  1. Hey Tower-Defenders,
    I have to say I’m impressed about the structure and concepts you already made and I’m really looking forward on your progress. But I have to ask you how do you have planned to work with two Project Managers in a team of four? How will this work out? I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Best regards
    the MAPHYNN-Team

    1. Hi Team MAPHYNN,
      thanks a lot for your feedback and your question.
      The reason for why we decided to have two project managers is pretty simple.
      In contrast to the project of the 2nd semester, everyone has to develop some code which is why there cannot be just one person who focuses on project-management. Because project-tasks also require a lot of effort, Fabian takes care of the scrum-part and I assume the tasks of all project-management stuff around scrum. In fact, both of us will have enough time for developing code then.
      I hope this answers your question.

  2. Hey Tower-Defenders,
    I really like your idea and I’m looking forward on your final result.
    Your block entry is well structured and interesting to read. You gave a clear description of your team roles and the technology you use.
    Is there any more detailed planning on your realisation of the interface? Which technology will combine your game engine with the activity?
    Could you explain your management tool to share and develop your code?
    And one more little annotation: the map concept (last paragraph) can’t be seen on the right, but on the left 😀
    Best regards and keep going!

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