Week 7 – Retrospective


In the 7th week, we had a retrospective supported by an external coach.

There are three main questions which we had to answer:

  1. What went well?
  2. What can be improved?
  3. How can certain things be improved?

In the Software-Engineering lecture, those questions become answered by the use of Flip-Charts.

What went well?

Sadly, we misunderstood this question which is why the content on the Flip-Chart is incorrect. Thinking about the questions, we can conclude that the following aspects went well:

  • Beginning of the development-process
  • All tasks are done
  • Successfully working with Git, Jira and Android
  • Most often detailed blog entries


For the future we hope to create a working game with a nice design. Of course, there should not occur any exception. As a result, the game should provide a lot of fun so that the game gets downloaded by many users later on.

What can be improved?

  • Time-Management
  • Balance concerning distribution of tasks
  • more automatic testing
  • Extend knowledge concerning the Android API

How to improve?

  • Focus more on the sprint-planning in order to achieve better time-management
  • Improve the ticket description so that every task is clearly defined and can be done by everyone
    • Distribution of knowledge in periodical meetings
  • Create unit-testing-tickets with high priority
  • Plan some extra time for the learning process, e.g. watching tutorials

2 Gedanken zu „Week 7 – Retrospective

  1. Hello Towerdefense Team,

    it ist good to hear that you have understood your potencial and managed to build a plan from that.
    We hope that your everything you worked out can be implemented without any hassle.
    And even when you misunderstood a question, you have clearly defined goals that seem possible to reach.
    Good luck on your journey!


    Manu & Simon
    Gyrogame Team

  2. Heya Team Towerdefense,

    even though you had a misunderstanding at first, you seem to have thought a lot about what went well at first. It’s nice to see that your project itself works properly.
    Also the solutions you thought of for your current problems seem good and doable.

    Good luck for the next time!

    Team Itemize

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