Week 8 – Class Diagram

Class Diagram - First Try

This time, we want to present our class diagram of our current project.

Because Android Studio does not have any tool which generates a class diagram itself, we had to search for an external tool or at least a tool which is integrable into Android Studio. Eventually, there is a tool called "Sketch It!" which should provide a class diagram generation functionality with the use of "plantuml" (also an Android Studio plugin which provides a view in which the diagram will be displayed) and "GraphViz" (which models the whole diagram).

As we simply generated our class diagram clicking on a button, the following result appeared:

Class Diagram - Second Try

Obviously, this is not the result which we did expect. Because of that, we had to adjust the whole generated class-diagram file, which took about one more hour. Finally, we managed to get a result as following:

Class Diagram - Conclusion

Concluding, we are really happy with our adjusted version of the class diagram. It clearly shows the scope and the dependencies of our classes.

If anyone has the same problem generating the class diagram out of Android Studio using the mentioned tools, fell free to contact us.

Game Progress - Designs, Bullet-Animations and more!

Our team is really happy to be able to present a big progress since the last update on the blog.

On the one hand, three designs have been created: tank, tower & map-background.

On the other hand, some animation-functionalities have been added:

  • tanks turn themselves when changing the direction
  • towers focus on the nearest enemy while shooting
  • bullets have been added which are fired by a tower

The bullets are not self-designed yet.
Until now, a tank got instantly hitted when a tower performed its "fire"-method. With the new bullet functionality, a tower is able to transfer its information (e.g. target position, damage, ...) onto a bullet which gets fired after transferring the information. After that, the bullet calculates the path to its target and moves into the target-direction. Only once the bullet reached its target, the tank is damaged, which improves the logical game-mechanism.

Moreover, our team achieved a strucutre which allows us to assign specific level-parameters to tanks and towers, which will be important for the future.

Here is a first impression of our current game-prototype:

As always, we will keep you updated on our progress within the next weeks as well!

9 Gedanken zu „Week 8 – Class Diagram

  1. Hi Towerdefense-Team,

    your class diagram looks great and definitely generated. But can you add a screenshot of how you generated it? (In the GC it might be needed ‚Not drawn by hand but generated with tool, Proof of above (screenshot or tool list)‘
    Do you have a database by the way (for users etc.)? If so, your DB scheme is missing. If not: job well done 😀

    Best wishes,

    bookly, B4

    1. Hi Team Bookly,

      thank you for your positive feedback and the hint concerning the GC as well.
      You are completely right: We forgot about proofing the use of tools with screenshots. Recently, I added the screenshot which shows our Sketch-It! tool, the generated plantUML-files and of course the integrated class diagram-animation.

      Up to now, we do not have any database yet because we want to focus on the game itself first. Sadly, it is too early to focus on some nice rankings or multiplayer functionalities 😀

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Team Towerdefense,

    Your progress so far looks promising.
    The Class Diagram is well structured and detailed. Good job !
    As a minor complaint i would love to see a legend, as many people propably dont know what PlantUMLs shapes and letters mean

    Keep going!,
    Hannes, Team Cozy

    1. Hi Hannes,

      thanks for your praise!

      Concerning the suggested legend:
      Do you think it is necessary to explain each plantUML component used in our diagram?
      Actually, plantUML only makes use of common UML-standards which should be readable for everyone who knows UML.
      Hopefully, this explanation could statisfy your complaint. If that’s not the case, please let us know!

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Team Towerdefense,

    as my predecessor already mentioned, your progress is looking really auspicious.
    Keep up the good work!

    We’re looking forward for further objects and their animations.

    Sincerely yours
    Your Arrerac Team

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