Week 3 – SRS and UCD


During the third week, our team managed to write the Software Requirements Specification document and to model the Use Case Diagram.

The SRS can be found here: SRS on GitHub
The UCD can be found here: UCD on GitHub

Please keep in mind that our SRS is not ready yet and gets completed within the next weeks.

Below, one can see our Use Case Diagram. The yellow marked Use Cases will be developed within the 3rd semester.

Edit (07.12.2019) - Update of UCD

As we planned our use cases in the beginning of the 3rd semester, we did not think about our use case "edit settings" in detail. Now, we realized that we do not have any adjustable settings yet which is why we removed "edit settings" of our ToDo-list for this semester. Probably, this use case will be implemented within the 4th semester.

6 Gedanken zu „Week 3 – SRS and UCD

  1. Hi Tower Defense Team,
    your srs and your version control looks fine to us.
    We like that you defined an element outside your system boundary. Your use case diagram looks precise to us. But we can not find the labels of the meaning of your colours. Maybe you want to add that and dependencies in your usecase diagram.
    Kind regards,
    Nathalie from Orchestra Team

    1. Hi Nathalie,
      thanks for your feedback!
      You are completely right – we forgot to add a legend in the UCD. Thank you for the hint.
      We just added the updated UCD which includes a legend on the right side.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Tower Defense Team,

    your project vision in your SRS is well elaborated, but in general your SRS could be more detailed in some places.
    Your OUCD looks fine, but we don´t unterstand why some use cases are highlighted in colour.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Team GreenClothaWay,
      thank you for your feedback.
      You are completely right – in our UCD, a legend is missing. We just added the updated UCD version which includes a legend on the right side.
      Currently, our SRS does not contain that much information because we still do not exactly know which game functionalities we are going to implement and how we will implement those. We do work on the research and hope to complete the SRS very soon.
      Kind regards,

  3. Hi,
    I can only add to what’s been mentioned before. Your UCD is perfectly fine but giving a more details report on the interfaces-part would make thing more understandable. If it is for reasons that you just don’t know how to build up your for instance user interfaces, than that would make sence but otherwise please go into more detail on that one.

    „Our target group is pretty wide-ranging from teenagers up to older adults. In order to have fun playing this game, tactical thinking is required. Different levels provide a great challenge for people at any age.“
    Don’t you think that is a little too broadly defined? Do you have to be the Ego Shooter guy or the strategy game boy.

    Thanks for letting me giving you that advice.


    1. Hi Georg,
      thanks for your feedback!
      As you assumed, we are not sure yet how to create our components in detail. This is actually the reason for why such things are not explained elaborately yet, but explanations and details will follow soon!
      Concerning the target group, we chose our phrasing intentionally because our expression is actully true. One does not have to be a shooter- or a strategy-guy or a gamer at all in order to have fun playing this game. Our game (hopefully) will be designed to match many peoples expectations on a „time-killing“ game. We do not want to focus on for instance a young target group – at least, it is one of our aims to reach a wide-ranging target group.
      Nonetheless, your thought is definitely appropriate due to the fact that a lot of games exist which focus on specific target groups. Thank you for your nice question!
      Kinds regards,

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